Thursday, March 17, 2011

17th march.

march isn't a good months for me at all. fine i'll make things good.
1. 1st day of march i lost my wallet.
~ two atm cards
~Taiwan I.D.
~medical card
~student card
~and some cash :( of my roommate move out without any notice. and i was feel bad with that.

3.have some problem with another roommate.(we have 3 before that)

4. some quarrel with my best friends and we chat always and now we dint chat any more sad case. life was sucks for this two weeks :( (insomnia again and again)

i not going to listed what is happen all. Always asking myself ed you treat ppl good and this was what you get back now. fine. I'll be selfish start from next sec. no point to being too good to the one who dun appreciate. we deserve better, on anythings. I miss the old one. how you guys doing?? i miss you all i really do. i really sad for lost a friend like you but in this case i have do everything i can to get our friendship back and yet you dun accept and you just wanna make it end in this way. alright i'll let it be this way.From what you have act i realise that you can do everything just to hate a person. Is that necessary to do that?? what make you hate me so much?? you will never ever tell again. Anyway, am moving out in the next semester so you wont see me any more.

Thanks to my overseas friend although am not at m'sia and yet anythings happen and you guys are my good listener and always by my side. I surely believe that time will heal. and getting much more better. Going back the plan old me. now was sitting at Starbucks with my favorite green tea XD. praying and wish my life will going better~~~ :D

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

from no body -> normal friends -> best friend -> sole mate -> no body again. why???
I not even understand what is going on.
is sad that we have build up the friendship and now was broken in parts.
now just being far apart. if cant be friend just wish for a good ending.
wont wish in this worst situation was without saying any words.
and every things end up like that.

this song means a lot. especially the lyrics. :(

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter holidays

winter holidays started~~~ :)

back to my home sweet home.

CNY is here going for lotsa shopping soon. WoOoOoo going to hunt for some new cloths :D

just back from a childhood friends wedding dinner. The dinner dinner was great.

we talk about the pass and further... have a great time with them.

going to sleep now. Tomorrow morning will have breakfast with JS and QY XD.

P.s. more about the winter holiday will update soon . ^^

Saturday, January 8, 2011

07 of Jan 2011

Time files. It have come to end of the semester.

And my final is started on today, bless me in the rest of the week :)

after final I'm going back to my lovely penang XD.

Every things back to what they expected and always wish to. I love to smile and laugh out loud like insane.

But what i have did was so fake to myself.

Fake smile and fake edmund. when can i be real? I HATE fake. I was wishing back to old the me...

why am i just can found the happiness on the old days...

When i first here i hardly believe i can, i was a positive person and every things happy go lucky...

In this New Year I just wish for 3 things

1. my study
3.expand my
interpersonal relationship

pray hard hopefully all will come true :)

now is 2 something in da morning. another insomnia nite :S

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Tired. i have no idea what am i doing nowadays~~~

my life being sucks...

and last months my mood is like set on the roller coaster up and down all the time.

now is Dec i tot will be a brand new month for me, but it seems like still ahve a long way to go.

sorry i really cant stand that you bring me up and set me down. The feeling is so "facking" bad.

exam was so "facking" poor. work was so "facking" busy. mood was so "facking" down.

and school was so "facking" sucks.

every things was so WRONG!! was so wrong.

I'm loss. totally loss~~~

loss in a way that is no turning back.

have to learn that walking alone.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Things come faster and gone faster~~~

Too MUCH or Too LESS

even me myself are not sure with that~~~

remain the same.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nov 11

While sleeping last night, I had a dream, it left a tale to tell;
I saw an angel, she wasn’t looking well.
Her body was bruised and battered;
her wings ripped and torn.
I saw that she could barely walk;
She was tired and she was worn.
I walked over then and asked her; Angel how can this be
She tried to smile as she gathered her thoughts,
then these words she said to me: I am your guardian angel, quite a task as you can see.
You have lived a very wild life, with that you must agree.
You have broken law and broken hearts, you see what you have done to me.
These bruises are from shielding you;
I do my best even still.
The drugs you have used so dangerously, I often pay the bill.
My wings you see are ripped and torn, a noble badge I bare;
So many times they have shielded you from dangers that you were unaware.
Yes, each mark bares a story of pain and dangers I have destroyed.
You made me wish, more than once, that I was unemployed.
If you would only embrace life, and choose to do so on your own,
It would stop the pain and suffering that comes from being alone.
I will always be there to watch over you, until my powers fail.
When I awoke I thought about the dream;
how much for life I care.
The I looked around my prison cell,
And my Heart sank in despair.
As for helping myself from within these walls,
I wonder;should I even try?
Then distantly I could hear an old frail Angel cry.

I found this on others blogger post then i copy it and paste it~~~ i think this was meaningful.